Smoking Fine Meats Since 1964

Al’s Bar-B-Q was established in 1964 by my grandfather “Al”. Al worked for many years in the restaurant industry managing many of the Wagon Wheel drive-in’s before opening Al’s Bar-B-Q. This is fitting because our historic sign is one of the old “Wagon Wheel” drive-in signs converted to Al’s Bar-B-Q. This relic is soon to be refurbished for the first time in almost twenty years to bring it and its neon back to its former grandeur.

In 1992 my father Chuck purchased Al’s Bar-B-Q from my grandfather and went to work. During his time operating Al’s, he added the “& Son” to make it Al’s & Son Bar-B-Q. He purchased and renovated our current location at 1810 S. Gregg, we did bring our historic and very sentimental sign with us. During the transition he also went to being open all day. Yes, you could not get Al’s Bar-B-Q at night back then. We added a grill to give our customers more option like burgers, catfish, and fresh made garden salads with our smoked chicken breast or fried/grilled catfish on top.

In 2016 I purchased Al’s & Son Bar-B-Q to become the third generation owner of West Texas’s best bar-b-q and continue the tradition of serving only the highest quality, freshest food that has kept Al’s running for over 50 years. So come on in and ask if Matt is in the back, so I can come say Hi to you next time you’re in.